Things I did in 2015 that I’m particularly proud of:

  1. I helped a friend and myself fight depression by running around Brunswick together.
  2. I taught less-experienced colleagues how to think clearly about and solve problems with data.
  3. I began living vegan.
  4. I ran a 7.66 km fun run in 38:50 with Chris.
  5. I survived someone hitting me with a car.
  6. I recovered from someone hitting me with a car through months of physiotherapy, personal training and exercise.
  7. I tested beta versions of SchoolMate and reported bugs which were resolved.
  8. I visited Hobart for Dark Mofo with Cass, Suet, Keith and Lesley.
  9. I developed Pick-A-Park with Cass, Flick, Pav, Jane, Kathryn and Jeff for GovHack 2015.
  10. I ran the Run Melbourne half marathon in 1:50:33.
  11. I resumed drawing thanks to Life Drawing Melbourne.
  12. My GovHack team received the Victorian Government’s prize for exploring what Victoria has to offer and MAV Technology’s prize for the best use of data to improve Victorian local government services (or access to services).
  13. I celebrated five years of vegetarianism.
  14. I attended the GovHack 2015 Red Carpet Awards with Cass in Sydney where our team received second prize for the best public service team.
  15. I taught my family how to automatically backup their data.
  16. I visited North Island with Cass.
  17. I ran a total of 558.83 km.
  18. I loved an eleventh year with my wife and best friend Cass.