Things I did in 2016 that I’m particularly proud of:

  1. I was elected as a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia.
  2. I started learning German at the Goethe-Institut Melbourne.
  3. I took leave and cared for Cass after she underwent a first rib resection.
  4. I ran the Active Moreland 2016 10 km Fun Run.
  5. I completed all of Duolingo’s German courses.
  6. I celebrated six years of vegetarianism and one year of veganism.
  7. I kept drawing thanks to Nishi Art Collective.
  8. I managed two graduates and learned how to manage better.
  9. I worked with the Australian Defence Force in Canberra every Monday to Thursday.
  10. I developed work that was endorsed by the leaders of the Australian Defence Force.
  11. I came back from Canberra early so I could see Sleater-Kinney with Cass twice.
  12. Cass and I created rebus puzzles for an Easter egg hunt with her family.
  13. I improved my self-esteem with the help of the Centre for Clinical Interventions’ Improving Self-Esteem information package.
  14. I visited Hobart for Dark Mofo and my birthday with Cass, Chris and Ellen.
  15. I corrected the RSS feed of SBS’s German language podcast.
  16. I voted for the Greens in the 44th Australian federal election.
  17. I volunteered for GovHack 2016.
  18. I paid double to see Cain and Abel and support The Rabble.
  19. I earned promotion to senior manager.
  20. I travelled to Sydney for PwC training.
  21. I stopped using Windows.
  22. I completed Goethe-Institut German courses A1.1, A1.2, A1.3 and A2.1.
  23. I passed the Goethe-Zertifikat A1 German exam.
  24. I went to the Goethe-Institut Melbourne Weihnachtsparty and played Taboo in German.
  25. I visited Hobart with Cass.
  26. I advocated for a colleague and prevented them from receiving an unfair formal warning.
  27. I contributed to a business case which was approved by the Defence Investment Committee.
  28. I took 100 flights without losing any of the joy of flying.
  29. I insured myself and Cass with full health coverage.
  30. I visited Phillip Island with Cass.
  31. I watched the little penguins of Phillip Island return home on Summerland Beach.
  32. I played Fantasy NFL with Justin, achieving the highest score for the regular season and third place for the playoffs.
  33. I ran a total of 455.77 km.
  34. I loved a twelfth year with my wife and best friend Cass.
  35. We conceived our child.