Joanne McNeil:

Some performers have a mysterious and magical charisma that no English word quite comes close to capturing. In a sentence, it is the quality of a beautiful person who hasn’t revealed all their cards. The commotion of beauty and mystery. “Intriguing” is too distant. “Stunning” is too much of an emphasis on looks, but this quality is atmospheric. I suppose the closest word to what I mean is “sexy,” but that’s a bit teenage, certainly people who have it, are the ones to crush over, but some of us prefer wallflowers. And this quality isn’t star quality, another superpower charisma: Tom Hardy has it in spades, but Bradley Cooper doesn’t have it, but he’s got more than enough of the later. It is eerie when an entire cast has it. The cast of Moonlight has it. The cast of Halt and Catch Fire has it.

From her mailing list All My Stars.

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