These are my favourite songs from my favourite albums of 2015 in the order they were released.

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  1. The Blond Beast by Marduk
  2. Negative Wizdom by Rebel Wizard
  3. Charging Thine Enemy Upon Miserable Stallions by Rebel Wizard
  4. Compendium by Elder
  5. Revisionist by Sannhet
  6. Kel Valhaal by Liturgy
  7. Time Machine by Royal Thunder
  8. Strange Gateways Beckon by Tribulation
  9. Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes by Drudkh
  10. Suffocation, a Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance of Forever) by Bell Witch
  11. The Bolt Thrower by Unleashed
  12. Abracadabra by Lucifer
  13. Fall by Rebel Wizard
  14. No Hope in Sight by Paradise Lost
  15. Saturnalia by False
  16. The Bereaved by Khemmis
  17. The Wolves Have Fed Tonight by Claret Ash
  18. Proceed Only Via the Negative by Rebel Wizard
  19. Unending Grey by Hope Drone
  20. Absolution by Ghost
  21. Jeg Er Guden, I Er Tjenerne by Myrkur
  22. Like Red Foam (The Great Storm) by Ahab
  23. Vices by Slayer
  24. Hyperion by Windhand
  25. And My Father Left Forever by My Dying Bride
  26. Ved Ferdens Ende by Tsjuder
  27. Ad Nauseam by Moonreich
  28. Brought to the Water by Deafheaven
  29. Crusher by Kylesa
  30. Ozymandias by Horrendous
  31. Amniosis by Vastum
  32. Satan by Danzig