These are my favourite songs from my favourite albums of 2016 in the order they were released.

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  1. On the Unknown Self They Ride by Rebel Wizard
  2. Streyfzug by Varg
  3. Malstroem by Witchcraft
  4. Winterbane by Abbath
  5. Moody Stix by Ulver
  6. I Will Go to Your Tomb by Wildernessking
  7. Golden Number by Ghost Bath
  8. From the Eventide Pool by Inverloch
  9. I by Catacombs
  10. Raise Your Horns by Amon Amarth
  11. The Wreck of S.S. Needle by Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas
  12. In the Vaults by Ihsahn
  13. Fiery Serpent by Drudkh
  14. Arrogance by Nervosa
  15. Black Sacrament by Athame
  16. Evil Incarnate by Lustravi
  17. Roots to Sever by Be’Lakor
  18. Transfiguration by Inter Arma
  19. Home by Numenorean
  20. Fear & Fury by Pallbearer
  21. North by North by Dawnbringer
  22. II. A Semblance Waning by Mizmor
  23. Lurker by Wildernessking
  24. Blood Libation by Astrophobos
  25. Despair Is a Siren by Subrosa
  26. Nightbreed by Haunted
  27. Living Water by Kroh
  28. Land of the Dead by Ancient
  29. Square Hammer by Ghost
  30. Remanence of a Ghost Haunt by Void Omnia
  31. Still I Rise by Imperium Dekadenz
  32. Je suis d’ailleurs by Alcest
  33. Second Son of R. by Oathbreaker
  34. Weltenwanderer by Waldgeflüster
  35. Without You I’m Nothing by Oskoreien
  36. The Siege by Year of the Cobra
  37. Candlelight by Khemmis
  38. Undercurrent by Ruins
  39. Ziemia by Arkona
  40. Sylvan by Esben and the Witch
  41. Vi Slakter Den Foerste Og Den Andre, Den Tredje Lar Vi Gaa Mot Nord by Djevel
  42. Ephemerol by Downfall of Gaia
  43. The Sleeping Gods by Enslaved
  44. Crevasse by Karg
  45. I Will Never Let You Die by An Autumn for Crippled Children
  46. Where Splendid Corpses Are Towering Towards the Sun by Soulburn
  47. Aegna Saar by Ştiu Nu Ştiu
  48. Mirrors In a Black Room by Ultha
  49. Grey Marrow by Ash Borer
  50. Moai by Oskoreien
  51. Sorgeblot i gångarna by Murg