Dear Meg, Grace and Sarah,

I am deeply grateful to have known Pius.

I called Access Melbourne in desperation during the 2009 Christmas holidays. They forwarded me to Pius who was on-call at the time. He was eminently professional but I suspected that I was interrupting time with his family.

I had first called my previous psychologist only to hear that he would not interrupt his holiday even for an emergency. Pius however was there for me.

I met him six times. In this time he fundamentally changed my attitude and taught me coping mechanisms that I have employed every day since.

I was researching one of these mechanisms today in the hope of helping a friend when I thought to look Pius up and learned that he had passed. I cried. I hope that I can repay my gratitude by sharing what he taught me with as many people as I can.

My condolences to each of you.