​I’ve found Requiem Metal Podcast in the search results of many iTunes searches. The hosts Mark and Jason have covered many bands that I love and spoken about them with experience.

Some of my favourite episodes have been their best-ofs that covered each year from 2008 to 2012.

In episode 178 they introduced 10 songs that they’ve been listening to over the last few years. They played 10 different songs though.

Fortunately I found some great new recommendations in both lists.

Songs they introduced

  1. Worlds Apart by Pallbearer
  2. Pay the Man by Tribulation
  3. Chains by Morbus Chron
  4. Boleskine House by Triptykon
  5. Twilight of the Gods by Blind Guardian
  6. Valkyrie by Darkthrone
  7. PsyWar by Mayhem
  8. Angst by Arcturus
  9. Vicarious Lover by Voices
  10. Night of Long Knives by Machine Head

Songs they played

  1. Ozymandias by Horrendous
  2. Listen to Gazing into the Melted Night by Ghoulgotha
  3. Waiting For The Screams by Autopsy
  4. Plain Pine Box by Grave
  5. Instinct Slaughter by Vallenfyre
  6. Quitter’s Offensive by Eyehategod
  7. To Shiver in Empty Halls by My Dying Bride
  8. Beneath Broken Earth by Paradise Lost
  9. Izrael by Lucifer
  10. Chains of the Afterlife by Black Breath